Customizing WordArt objects in Word documents

WordArt is handy for creating type treatments in Microsoft Word. If you want to customize the look of your WordArt objects, check out these tips from Mary Ann Richardson.

Word gives you considerable options for designing WordArt objects. For example, suppose you want to use a certain WordArt format for your company logo, but you do not like the default font size or color. To make the desired changes, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Insert | Picture | WordArt.
  2. Click the fourth choice in the second row. Click OK.
  3. Type your company name.
  4. In the Size drop-down menu, choose 28 and click OK.
  5. Right-click the company logo and select Format WordArt.
  6. Under Fill, click the drop-down arrow in the Color text box and select Fill Effects.
  7. Click the drop-down arrow in the Color text box for Fill, move the Transparency slider to 0, and select dark red to match your company's color.
  8. Click the drop-down arrow in the Color text box for Line and select dark red to match your company's color.
  9. Click OK.

By default, WordArt formats the height of lowercase letters smaller than the surrounding uppercase letters. To achieve an avant-garde effect, you can make all letters the same height by following these steps:

  1. Click the company logo.
  2. Click the WordArt Same Letter Heights button in the WordArt toolbar.

You can use the mouse to click and drag a WordArt object to any position on the page. This is fine for moving it from one side of the page to another, but if you only want to move it incrementally, you may find that you miss the mark or mistakenly reshape the WordArt object. When you need to move the object just a bit, you may find it easier to use the arrow keys instead of the mouse. Click the WordArt object to select it, then press the up, down, right, or left arrows as needed to move it to the desired position. Note: You can only do this with floating WordArt objects, not those inline with the text. To change an inline object to floating, click the Text Wrapping button in the WordArt toolbar and select any option except Inline With Text.

Once you have created a logo using WordArt, you may want to display it on every page of your company's Web site. If you would like Web surfers to be able to get to your Home page by clicking the company logo, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click the logo and select Hyperlink.
  2. Click the Existing File Or Web Page button.
  3. Navigate to your company's home page document file and click OK.
  4. Right-click the logo and select Format WordArt.
  5. Click the Web tab.
  6. Under Alternate text, click after the company name and enter Home Page.
  7. Click OK.

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