If your IT department is not feeling the pinch of the current poor economy, it soon will be. But just because you’re asked to cut costs, it doesn’t mean those cuts have to impact day-to-day operations. In fact, enterprises need to be particularly careful in what cost-cutting measures they do take because they don’t want to constrain long-term growth of the company. Employees need to do their jobs more efficiently than before, so it is vital to keep IT infrastructure up-to-date. In particular, organizations should not make deep cuts in investments such as product improvements or hiring of key personnel. So how do you ensure you don’t make this mistake for your enterprise?

Riverbed is currently offering a free white paper that advocates cost savings though wide-area data services. The paper explains how businesses of all sizes have realized a return on investment in just a few months through significant hard cost savings in areas such as bandwidth reduction and IT consolidation. It’s called Extreme Savings.

The white paper, Extreme Savings: Cutting Costs with Wide-Area Data Services, explores how enterprises can use Riverbed solutions to cut hard costs and make the most of their existing infrastructure, without negatively impacting their operations.