While daily deals sites like Groupon and LivingSocial help small businesses gain exposure and make sales by allowing people to buy from businesses they do not know through channels they already know, small businesses, especially startups, can make substantial savings from online deals through cost-cutting and discount buying.  Let’s look at some of these sites.


On their About Us page, RapidBuyr claims to be “a B2B daily deal site dedicated to providing millions of small and midsize businesses (SMBs) with opportunistic access to deep (up to 80%) discounts on higher dollar products and services such as hardware, software, web development & design, IT outsourcing, marketing, meetings, events, staffing assistance, SaaS offerings and more.”  The focus here is on goods and services a business consumes rather than for personal consumption. At RapidBuyr, you can find great deals on IT equipment, office furniture and other items for your day-to-day business processes.

By inputting your email and zip code, the site is able to serve you both national and locally focused regional deals with a typical discount range of 30 percent to 80 percent.


Claiming to help you grow your business for less, GroupPrice lists a selection of deals that businesses can leverage to help cut costs. When I was researching for this blog, GroupPrice was featuring a solution to create a mobile optimized store for businesses. By sharing the deal on Facebook and Twitter, buyers get a further $10 coupon discount.  Specifically for Internet-based small businesses, GroupPrice is also aware that small businesses need time to make a final decision and thus offer deals that last up to one week.


This is one of the rapidly growing deals sites for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to either create or grow their business. By partnering with some of the coolest app makers out there, AppSumo offers subscribers exclusive price deals on their products that “mom would approve” as they claim.

AppSumo customers are SMBs and entrepreneurs looking for the best tools and key knowledge to move their business forward. AppSumo works great for businesses that already have an online product or presence that they are looking to improve or that are looking to crank up their loyal customer base throttle. For businesses that have an amazing product but lack either the time, money or the expertise to get it in front of hundreds of thousands of potential lifetime customers with no upfront costs, AppSumo comes to their rescue by offering a “Sumo-sized distribution channel” for their product. Word of Caution: Once you start reading the deal offerings, it gets highly addictive and keeps you coming back for more.


Of course, the list of deals where small businesses and entrepreneurs can get great deals is in-exhaustive. Some sites offer local deals while others target offshore clients from other parts of the world. Sites like Industry Deal are targeted at entertainment industry professionals while Huddlebuy offers handpicked business deals for businesses in the UK.

I believe the above sites will help you stretch that buck and pinch that penny for your business.