Loboche, Nepal

Hello everyone from Loboche. This is Bruce Andrews from the Colorado Mountain School , checking in this evening with a quick update from a guide’s perspective. Since arriving in the Khumbu, we’ve had unsettled weather every day. The last couple of days haven’t been nearly as bad as the start of the trip; however, the mountains are receiving new snow with this system, so we’re keeping a close eye on that.

David, Mike, and Gerry are all doing well, considering the huge elevation gains we’ve made and the harassing they get from me! We are gearing up for a visit to Everest Base Camp tomorrow, and then a climb of Kala Patar. From there, we’ll head over to our objective: Island Peak. Our bodies should be well-acclimated by then, but we’ll have to see how the weather and health hold up.

Well, I need to get back to the card table and the team. You see, I’m the champ at a card game called Hearts, and there is a conspiracy against me!

All for now from Loboche.
Bruce Andrews
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Bruce Andrews is an AMGA-certified rock guide. He guides and instructs at all levels and disciplines of rock, ice, and mountaineering. With over ten years of guiding experience, Bruce has led courses and guided expeditions to Mexico, Alaska, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina (Aconcagua), Chile (Patagonia), and the Himalayas. He has also made major ski descents throughout the Rockies and on expeditions to Alaska and the Cascades. As a co-owner of the Colorado Mountain School, Bruce oversees program and staff development, and he’s the overall Expeditions Coordinator. Bruce possesses degrees in wilderness leadership and in Spanish language and literature.