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Daily update: The last hill's always the hardest

Almost two weeks into their trek, the almostEverest climbers have discovered that Island Peak may not be summitable.

Loboche, Nepal

Okay folks. Not a great day. Not even a good day. I'm here, typing away, inside my tent with my sleeping bag pulled up around me.

I awoke with stomach troubles and a slight headache. So I started my course of Cipro and Diamox. They helped—a little. We made it up one steep hill and then trekked into Loboche, which is where we are now, and where I fully intend to get some additional sleep as soon as I finish typing.

Luckily, most of today's trail was contours and modest ups and downs. Until the last hill. It's always that one last hill. All moraine, all uphill.

But that's what expeditions like this do. They force you to look inside, face your own perceived limits, and then break past those same limits. It's the same with our jobs, our personal lives, whatever. We set up barriers that limit how far we can reach. It's only when we're forced to face those limits and turn inside ourselves that we truly find what we're made of—what we're capable of. Okay, that's enough waxing philosophically. I guess it's the lack of O2 at close to 16,000 feet (4,877 meters) that's doing it.

The weather is cold, cold, cold. We're in for more snow this evening—not a good thing. We're still hearing that Island Peak is not summitable at this time. We'll see.

That's about all for me. Time for more hot liquids and more rest. Until tomorrow.

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