I was feeling kind of down today.  It has been three weeks since my former boss quit (nearly two months since she tendered her resignation) and I have heard nothing from the board as to whom (me or someone else) will be the new program director, where the new office will be, or whether we will have our tentative Spring (money-making) training.  So still, all the office stuff sits in my living room, hall closet and garage. 

So, in my funk, I logged out a little bit early (I have plenty of comp hours, trust me), and climbed the stairs to my OTHER home office.  The one for my web design and gerbil-breeding companies.  No, don’t ask how they are related, they aren’t.

Singing Duck and Frogs

There I had tons of emails, but one was from my dad.  Curmudgeon that he is, he never writes except in response to someone else’s email.  For him to start the conversation usually means someone has died, so I opened it right away.

It had a strange link in it.

You have to watch through for a bit, but the best part is the whale – ’nuff said! THAT’s the kind of office I want to have.