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Das Keyboard, a high-end mechanical keyboards brand, announced on Wednesday that it’ll be hosting its second Ultimate Typing Championship competition. In honor of its 15th birthday, Das Keyboard aims to find the fastest and most gifted typists from around the world.

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Typists above the age of 13 will compete across the globe for the chance of earning the title Ultimate Typing Champion. Contestants will use the TyprX competitive typing website to virtually race. The website is able to record their fastest words-per-minute (WPM) typing speeds.

The top 25 fastest typists will be invited to compete in the livestreamed competition on August 22, 2020 at 1pm ET. Viewers can watch the excitement via Twitch, according to a press release.

While the competitors will mostly be assessed on their speed, this year’s competition will also feature unique challenges that will test various typing skills and provide further entertainment for viewers.

All 25 contestants in the Ultimate Typing Championship 2020 will receive a Das Keyboard. The runner-up will receive $500, and the winner will receive $5,000 and be crowned the Ultimate Typing Champion.

“After 10 years and much anticipation, we’re thrilled to bring back the Ultimate Typing Championship,” said Daniel Guermeur, CEO of Metadot/Das Keyboard, in the release. “The event will give the competitive typing community, gamers, developers, professionals, tech enthusiasts, writers, and the younger generation something fun and unique to look forward to this summer.”

“We’re excited to further the world of competitive typing and provide the sport with a global platform that competitors and spectators can rally around as we crown the newest champion,” Guermeur added.

The competition was last held in March of 2010, when winner Sean Wrona set the precedent of typing 163 words per minute in standard English text, becoming the first Ultimate Typing Champion.

Das Keyboard is known for its professional line of high-end mechanical keyboards. One of the most popular is the Das Keyboard Ultimate 4, which features blank keys that offer a sleek look for business users.

Registration for its latest Ultimate Typing Championship competition opened Wednesday, with qualifications beginning August 3 and running through August 9, according to the release.

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