Microsoft has just released the eagerly anticipated Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals (TEDB) which allows developers to build database applications in a team environment. A highlight of the release include the automation of change scripts, which has always been an issue with SQL Server.

I will most often go change a field definition to get a particular bit of code to work then forget about it until it is time to deploy the application. Then once I deploy, it doesn’t work as the database change I made wasn’t made in production. (I know, if I always followed the proper Software Development Life Cycle, this wouldn’t happen… but I am human).

With the new Visual Studio 2005 TEDB I don’t have to worry about that anymore, as I can automatically generate a script with all of the database changes. And the same holds true for multiple developers working on the same database server and schema.

And my favourite feature has to be integrated source control for database scripts. This has been a long time coming and a pain for developers. With SQL Server 2000, every time I would change a stored procedure or script, I would have to put a copy of the code into Notepad and check in/check out from Visual Source Safe. Now source control is integrated (including integration to any SCCI compatible source control system you may use). And even better, TEDB can also be used with SQL Server 2000 as well as SQL Server 2005.