Are you a teacher, trainer, instructor, or hallway guru looking for a great way to amaze and impress your students? Give them the site that keeps on giving: .

Get your free backgrounds here
People love to customize their computers, and if you haven’t already used this trick in your classes, give it a try. Ask if there’s anyone who doesn’t know how to change the wallpaper on his or her computer. (It’s a perfect time to offer a short break to those who know.) Then run them through the “right-click on the desktop, Properties, Background” drill and let them experiment with Windows’ basic background styles. You’ll be a hit with a tip they’ll always remember.

Then, if you have Internet access, show them . (If you don’t have Internet access, tell them about the site.) Once there, click the Backgrounds link at the bottom of the home page. Then, of course, you can go anywhere you darn well want to.

I clicked once more on the “free” item—Free Background Sources—and the very first link caught my eye—Abnormal Texture Archive, a subpage of Textureland . There I found some awesome, tiny .jpg background files. Even though they’re intended for the much higher art of Web page creation, your students will long remember the day you set them free from the background options and turned them on to these cool background styles. And that’s only the first site on’s list.

Tools for custom Web pages and more
What can you find at besides cool background images? If you’re in the business of teaching Web page design, you might be interested in grabbing one of the SiteKits and Template Paradise page templates available on the site. In addition, you’ll find an online bookstore that specializes in desktop-publishing titles and in-depth reviews of desktop publishing software.

At the time of this writing, the home page boasted over 8,500 pages. Follow this link to take the first step to . Tell ‘em TechRepublic sent you.
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