When figuring out staffing in your IT department, one of the hardest things to do is figure out exactly how much support staff you need based on the number of users you have. Here’s a video from ZDNet that recommends a 60:1 ratio and why.


Staffing an IT organization can be difficult. It’s not easy to figure out exactly how many support personnel you need to make sure that calls are answered in a timely fashion while not driving support staff crazy with overwork. This video from TR sister site ZDNet outlines what CNET’s own Justine Nguyen feels is the proper ratio.

Justine starts of with a baseline estimate of 60:1. That means one IT support person for every 60 users. Justine also goes through a lot of variables that affect the number of  users that can be supported, including remote control software, automated deployment, patching, and other things.

I’m not sure this is the official formula that’s used by CNET internally, but I assume that it is. If nothing else, it gives you a little bit of “Inside Baseball” about how we do things here behind the scenes at TechRepublic.

What’s your ideal ratio?

When I was an network administrator, the ratio that we often kicked about support was 30-35:1. Justine’s base number of 60:1 sounds like it would make for a very busy day for the poor IT support person.

What ratio do you use in your organization and what variables affect it?