Even a simple worksheet can generate a huge pile of range names. As long as they’re necessary and active, name away! However, consider deleting inactive range names. They crowd the list and make you work harder than necessary to find valid names. In addition, they can be confusing to people sharing the worksheet.

Before you start deleting, you’ll need a comprehensive list of names to review. The Define Name dialog box displays only a few at a time (you must scroll to see all of the names). An easier way to view all of the names is to paste a list into a worksheet:

  1. Select a cell in an out of the way place.
  2. Press [F3].
  3. Click Paste Link.

You’ll find viewing a pasted list easier than viewing names in the Define Name dialog box.may2008blog7fig1r.jpg

Once you’ve checked the list, you can begin deleting inactive ranges. To do so, press [Ctrl]+[F3], select the range, and then click Delete.