New products and partnerships announced by Dell EMC could help businesses more easily leverage the power of the internet of things (IoT) in their industries. At the 2017 Dell EMC World in Las Vegas, the company launched products, services, and frameworks that aim to remove the complexity of IoT deployments.

For secure management of an organization’s connected devices and things, the firm announced an infrastructure management solution called VMware Pulse IoT Center. According to a press release, the ability to quickly scale IoT projects will lead to a faster time to ROI on those deployments.

“As enterprises look to transform into digital businesses, this creates an opportunity for IT and OT to collaborate as they embrace IoT to improve operations within their business, while generating new forms of revenue,” Mimi Spier, vice president for IoT at VMware, said in the release.

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The VMware Pulse IoT Center will also be a preferred solution for Dell Edge Gateways.

EdgeX Foundry, an open source IoT framework for edge computing, was also mentioned at the conference. Dell EMC plans to work with EdgeX Foundry in some of its IoT solutions to drive interoperability, the release said, and has contributed 125,000 lines of code and more than a dozen microservices to the project so far.

New partnerships will also play a part in Dell EMC’s IoT offerings. Dell has partnered with Bosch to create what they called an Industry 4.0 jump start kit, which is essentially an IoT starter kit complete with a Dell Edge Gateway, cloud integration tools, software, and Bosch XDK sensors–all of which are preconfigured and ready to go out of the box.

Atos Codex IoT Services, a new IoT service management framework, was also unveiled as a joint project from Dell EMC and Atos. The framework will provide services for connectivity and device management, as well as release control, storage, and support.

“This will offer businesses the tools to utilize their data and assets to provide continuous value and improved business outcomes, wherever they are,” said Paul Albada Jelgersma, head of IoT solutions at Atos, in the release.

On Monday, Dell EMC also announced new IoT Advisory Services, a consulting solution that will help businesses determine what infrastructure and architecture is needed to accurately capture and utilize data from connected things.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. Dell EMC announced a new IoT management service called VMware Pulse IoT Center, which aims to simplify the deployment of IoT projects and decrease time to ROI.
  2. Dell EMC has contributed code to EdgeX Foundry, an open source IoT framework for edge computing, and will integrate it into its IoT products.
  3. Dell EMC also announced new partnerships for an IoT starter kit and a new management framework as well.