Dell G15 gaming laptops
Image: Dell

In a nod to the ongoing move to hybrid work, on Tuesday Dell introduced a vast lineup of new and redesigned laptops and workstations. Both gaming laptops and models for the enterprise were included, with a new Alienware X Series coming this summer, and two new Latitude laptops, the Latitude 5421 and the 5521.

A total of five laptops for gaming, and two laptops for the enterprise, five mobile workstations, two new Precision tower workstations, three Optiplex PCs, a 32-inch 4K monitor and a wireless ANC headset were announced. Dell also revamped its Precision 5560, Precision 5760, XPS 15 and XPS 17 devices with 11th Gen Intel Core processors and Xeon mobile processors.

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New Alienware X-Series coming this summer

Alienware X17
Image: Dell

Gamers will likely be the most excited about the announcements with a new Alienware X-Series coming out later this summer, with the precise date TBD. The series will use thermal technologies to allow for thinner gaming laptops, and Dell said it will spill more details on an Alienware Update Twitch Stream on June 1.

The Alienware X-Series will use Element 31 thermal interface material from a Gallium-Silicone blend for better thermal resistance. It’s based on 11th Gen Intel Core processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30-series graphics.

A new line of OptiPlex PCs

The OptiPlex 7090 is part of a series of PCs designed for a faster desktop experience. There’s the 7090 Tower Workstation, the Small Form Factor Workstation and the Micro Workstation. The OptiPlex is available with dual M.2 SSD option and USB Type-C 3.2 Gen 2×2 (20Gbps) for faster transfer speeds than earlier versions. It has integrated Intel Wi-Fi 6 and 11th Gen Intel up to Core i9 processors. The tower has 125W CPU and up to 128GB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM.

Two new Precision 3000 Series workstations

The Precision 3450 Small Form Factor workstation and the Precision 3650 Tower workstation are both new and they’re designed for performance-intensive tasks that need processing power. Tasks like editing, designing and CAD workflows.

These two workstations use 11th Gen Intel Core or Xeon W-1300 processors with memory speeds of up to 3200MHz. They feature PCI Express Gen 4 graphics and NVIDIA and AMD graphics. They have scalable, RAID capable storage.

Dell’s new thin Latitude laptops for hybrid work

The Latitude 5521 from Dell.
Image: Dell

Dell’s two new Latitude laptops are the Latitude 5421 and the Latitude 5521. The Latitude 5421 has a 14-inch display and weighs just 3.3 lbs, while the Latitude 5521 has a 15.6-inch display and weighs 3.95 lbs.

These two new laptops are designed for a mobile workforce, and they feature up to 4K displays with ComfortView Plus low blue light solutions for increased productivity. There’s an FHD webcam for video conferencing, and all of the ports needed for work: dual USB Type-C with Thunderbolt 4, HDMI, USB ports and RJ45.

The Latitude laptops offer memory up to 64GB DDR4, storage up to 2TB, or up to 4TB on the 15.6-inch version.

The Precision 7760 mobile workstation

The Precision 7760 is a mobile workstation with a lightweight design. The 17-inch laptop has a large touchpad, a Pro 2 keyboard and up to a UHD 120Hz, HDR400 display. ExpressSign-in identifies the user when they walk up, waking the workstation and ramping it up quickly. It also locks the screen when the user walks away for extra security. It includes the 11th Gen Intel Core and Xeon 8-core processor, up to 128GB o 3200MHz memory and 14TBs of storage. It uses NVIDIA RTX A5000 professional graphics. It also include 5G capability. It will be available in early summer.

The new Dell G15 gaming laptop

Dell’s new G15 has an updated thermal design based on Alienware technology. Air in-takes above the keyboard and on the bottom of the laptop help dissipate heat. There are up to 53 56mm-diameter fan blades to disperse heat as well. There’s even a turbo boost option of pressing FN + the F9 key to maximize the fan speed to keep the system cool for short periods of intense gaming. Boss battles will never be the same. The G15 has the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series graphics with performance options up to 115W. It has 11th Gen Intel Core processors and up to i7 with 6-cores. There’s a two-sided narrow bezel 15.6″ full HD display panel with a 120Hz refresh rate, or an optional 165Hz display panel. It comes in three colors: Dark Shadow Grey, Specter Green with speckles or Phantom Grey with speckles.

Dell’s XPS 17 and XPS 15 laptops

The new XPS 17 is a thin laptop with a 45W 11th Gen Intel Core processor up to i9k and graphics up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060. It provides up to 90W of power in a 19.5mm design.

The new XPS 15 has a new 3.5K OLED display and a 45W 11th Gen Intel Core processor up to i9k and graphics up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti. It has up to 55W of power in an 18mm design.

The newest 32-inch monitor from Dell

Dell’s new monitor and wireless headset
Image: Dell

The past year-plus has taught everyone the value of a good monitor for their home workspace. Monitors have been selling quickly, as people set up their ideal home office.

Dell is introducing the Dell 32-inch 4K USB-C Hub Monitor, which has IPS technology and offers a built-in low blue light screen to optimize eye comfort. The Dell Slim Soundbar is an optional add-on that snaps on for a sound boost. There’s an RJ45 wired ethernet connection and USB-C for up to 65W power delivery. There’s also a MAC address pass-through, PXE boot and wake-on LAN built in.

2030 Moonshot goal for sustainability

Dell has already announced a goal of being more eco-friendly. By 2030, as ZDNet reports, the ultimate goal is to reuse or recycle an equivalent product for each one a customer buys. The company also pledged that 100% of its packaging and more than half of its product content will be made from recycled or renewable material. This now includes bioplastics in its new Latitude 5421 and Latitude 5521. It’s made from Tall Oil and is used in the LCD coverlid, making up 21% by weight.

The OptiPlex 7090 Tower and the OptiPlex 7090 Small Form Factor use closed-loop recycled aluminum in the hard drive, making up 20% by weight. The XPS 15 and the XPS 17 are EPEAT Gold certified. In addition, the Dell Ecoloop bags have a weather resistant coating using recycled film recovered from car windshields.

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Here’s how and when to buy a new Dell laptop or mobile desktop

The new Dell and Alienware laptops, which are based on TGL-H processors, will be available in the U.S. this summer.

  • Alienware Alienware m15 R6 starting price: $1,300

  • Dell Gaming Dell G15 (TGL), starting price: $950, available on June 3

  • XPS15, starting price: $1,200. XPS17, starting price: $1,400

  • Precision 3561, starting price to be announced

  • Precision 5560, starting price to be announced

  • Precision 5760 starting price to be announced

  • Precision 7560 starting price to be announced, available in early summer

  • Precision 7760, starting price to be announced, available in early summer

  • Precision 3450, starting price: $1,119

  • Precision 3650 starting price to be announced

  • Latitude starting price: $1,229

  • Latitude 5421 starting price: $1,449

  • Latitude 5521 starting Price: $1,449

OptiPlex: OptiPlex D11 5000 and 7000 series have been released, and the 5000, 7000 (MT) and all-in-one have a release date of May 20. vPro functionality will be released June 8; 7090 Micro Tower priced from $527; 7090 Small Form Factor priced from $517; 7090 Micro Form Factor priced from $480.

Monitor and accessories: Dell Premier Wireless ANC Headset (WL7022) will be available June 25, with a starting price of $300. Dell 32 4K USB-C Hub Monitor, available May 27, starting price to be determined.