Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? Here are the big takeaways:

  • Dell EMC is starting four certification programs to help executives determine the best IT transformation path for their company.
  • Being able to make the correct transformation decisions and boost IT investments could help professionals effectively lead their company through digital transformation efforts.

Dell EMC introduced four certifications designed to boost IT expertise and maximize IT investments for tech professionals, the company announced Thursday.

Part of the existing the Dell EMC Proven Professional program, the new certifications focus on multi-cloud solutions, infrastructure security, and converged systems. A fourth certificate, Dell EMC Certified Master – Enterprise Architect, uses a board review process to determine if a candidate has the technical and holistic skills to help a company deliver IT-as-a-Service solutions.

The programs could help professionals boost and validate their IT skills in emerging parts of the field, allowing them to better prep their company for digital transformation efforts. Those without the appropriate skills may have a harder time keeping up or helping their company stay competitive.

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A lack of skills or talent is be a top barrier to successful digital transformation efforts, with 38% of executives identifying it as a challenge in a June 2017 Harvard Business Review report. As the world and its economy moves increasingly online, a company needs the expertise to transform if it wants to remain relevant.

“Organizations as well as individuals realize that investing in workforce readiness and new skills is key to future success and competitive differentiation,” Charles Atkins, vice president for Dell EMC Education Services, said in the press release. “Dell EMC recognizes successful digital transformation requires more than technology, so we are helping our customers develop the critical talent – in-house and within technology partners – needed for the future.”

Other tech giants have recently launched certification or training programs to help boost tech skills, both for those in and out of the field. In January, Google announced a professional IT certificate to help fill IT support jobs. Later in the month, Facebook announced it was bringing its Community Boost program to Europe to help boost tech skills for digital newbies and business owners.