Aimed at small business professionals requiring a capable and reliable desktop PC, the Vostro 410 boasts plenty of capacity and includes little to no bloatware. Reasonably priced, Vostro 410 desktops are highly customizable and are backed by Dell’s limited hardware warranty.


  • Processor: Up to Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83GHz, 12MB L2 Cache and 1333MHz FSB
  • RAM: Up to 4GB 800MHz SDRAM
  • Screen: Can be purchased with or without Dell monitors
  • Storage: Up to four hard drives (maximum 3TB with four 750GB 7200RPM drives)
  • Optical Drives: 16X DVD-ROM & 16X DVD+/- RW Dual Drive, 16X DVD +/- RW Drive & 8X DVD +/- RW Dual Layer DVD +/-R, 48X CDRW/16X DVD-ROM Combo Drive, 16X DVD+/- RW Drive, 16X DVD-ROM Drive
  • Dimensions: 16.4″ x 7.3″ x 19″, 24.4 lbs
  • Supported OS: Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Ultimate or Windows Vista Business or Ultimate with Windows XP Professional Downgrade Rights Service
  • Price: Start at $589 retail
  • More Info: Dell Vostro desktops information page
  • For a closer look, check out the Dell Vostro 410 Photo Gallery

Who’s it for?

Dell’s Vostro 410 is aimed at small business professionals requiring reliable tower PCs that deliver customizable performance and reasonable pricing. Built using a number of quality Intel components (including the option of a very fast quad-core CPU), these tower systems possess considerable performance capacity.

With a few upgrades (for example a quad core processor and 512MB video card supporting dual displays), Vostro 410 models can handle demanding three-dimensional drawing, drafting and other tasks. Even with its basic, entry-level configuration (which boasts integrated gigabit Ethernet) these systems will serve well those staff needing to run office productivity software, access the Internet and e-mail, power financial management applications, access databases and perform other common tasks.

What problem does it solve?

These tower systems provide business-class performance in reasonably priced machines. In addition, users wishing to stay standardized on Windows XP can configure the 410 to ship with Windows XP Professional.

The Vostro 410 is also highly customizable and can meet most small business desktop computing needs. Purchasing managers can elect to include up to four 7200RPM hard disks (3TB), and the units feature one PCIe x16 slot, two PCIe x1 slots, 3 PCI slots, 8 USB 2.0 ports and a Firewire (IEEE1394) port for expansion and peripheral connectivity.

Standout features

  • Highly customizable — The Vostro 410 can be customized to meet a variety of small business computing needs. The systems boast numerous expansion drive bays, connectivity ports and motherboard PCIe and PCI slots. Designed properly, these tower systems can serve as everything from a simple desktop that manages office productivity tasks, Internet and e-mail to a higher-end system that manages 3D design work or even video editing.
  • High performance capacity — With the ability to order a quad core processor running at 2.83GHz, 4GB of 800MHz SDRAM, a 512MB video card and four 7200RPM hard disks, the Vostro 410 can deliver high-end performance.
  • Above average warranty available — Purchasing managers can add Dell’s limited hardware warranty to Vostro 410 orders, thereby extending next-business-day warranty replacement service several more years, if so required.
  • Moderately priced — Compared to many competing models and even other Dell desktop systems (including OptiPlex and Precision models), the Vostro 410 is moderately priced. As a result, small businesses can better leverage their tight information technology budgets.
  • Reliability — As an IT consultant, I’ve deployed numerous Dell Vostro desktop PCs and worked with them in the field since their launch. Initially skeptical of the (less-expensive compared to the OptiPlex series) new product line, I’ve found Vostro desktops to prove fast and reliable. While time will tell for sure, Vostro desktop and tower units have made deployment, installation and data migrations quick and easy due to their connectivity and expansion options, fast Intel chips, Windows OS flexibility and tool-free case access.
  • Attractive design — The Vostro 410 sports a bold look and will look good in even high-end office suites. A simple door hides USB, audio, video and an optional media card reader located on the system’s front case. The tower’s clean lines easily match that of some Sony Vaio models purchased a few years earlier (at easily twice the price).
  • Minimal bloatware — Unlike many business systems that ship with numerous unwanted trialware and sample applications and toolbars, the Vostro 410 ships with few such programs. The few that are often present (Adobe Reader and Google Toolbar are but two examples) are such common mainstays that few users or network administrators will find them necessary to remove.

What’s wrong?

  • Energy savings may be overstated — Dell claims the Vostro 410 can lower annual energy costs by up to 47 percent, but several reviewers, including ZDNet, found those savings are likely overstated. Still, these tower models deliver considerable performance at reasonable cost and include several Energy Smart settings that can be activated, should users wish.
  • No built-in Bluetooth — Bluetooth users will have to add optional Dell upgrades to utilize Bluetooth peripherals with the Vostro 410.
  • Weak business warranty — Unlike Dell’s OptiPlex line of business desktops, the Vostros include a single year of Dell’s next-business day on site limited hardware warranty (as opposed to three on the OptiPlex models). It’d be nice to see the three-year warranty standard on the Vostro 410, but considering the price difference, it’s easier to purchase a Vostro and simply add the three-year warranty option as an upgrade.

Competitive products

Bottom line for business

Dell’s Vostro line targets value-conscious small businesses. As a result, the 410 tower is a capable desktop PC that is easily configured to meet most small business needs and budgets. While design investments are minimal, the Vostro 410 possesses a professional look with clean lines. More important, the boxes are highly functional and are built with proven, reliable components.

Energy-savings may be overstated, but the ability to specify a wide variety of operating systems and hard disk and video card configurations is sure to make the 410 a popular entry in Dell’s Vostro lineup. Combined with reasonable pricing and a variety of warranty options, expect these tower PCs to faithfully fulfill daily computing tasks for small businesses everywhere.

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