When Gartner reported that 42 percent of IT leaders have invested in big data technology or plan to within a year,  most people thought that it would be happening in the the nation’s capital or the nation’s known tech capitals.

But a new Dice report shows that Just three percent of “big data” jobs currently posted on Dice require security clearance, meaning there’s no need for talent to concentrate their careers in the defense and national security corridors of Washington, D.C.

In fact, according to Dice:

In fact, Silicon Valley is now home to 24 percent of the big data jobs posted on Dice. That’s an impressive percentage, considering that Silicon Valley represents just seven percent of all jobs posted. While New York and Washington D.C. have the second and third most big data job postings, it’s Boston and Seattle that stand out when considering their relative rankings in total job postings. Boston and Seattle each claim three percent of all jobs posted on Dice, but have seven and six percent, respectively, of the big data jobs posted.

Businesses and industries that are seeking tech professionals with big data skills include food manufacturers, retailers, consulting companies, gaming, online travel, consumer finance and insurance companies.