Take advantage of the free resources available in TechRepublic’s download directory to build your knowledge. In this sample chapter from The Best Damn Cisco Internetworking Book Period, take an overview of Cisco networking products, such as its Internet Operating System (IOS), its routers, and its switches. Review network fundamentals and gain a working knowledge of local area network (LAN) technologies as well. Chapter coverage includes:

  • Understanding the OSI model
  • Understanding the TCP/IP model, DoD model, or the Internet model
  • Understanding networking basics
  • Understanding Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs)
  • Understanding Cisco hardware
  • Accessing and using routers and switches
  • Connecting to the router
  • Understanding Secure Shell (SSH) network protocol
  • Understanding Cisco software
  • Understanding IOS command syntax and basic configuration
  • Understanding CATOS command syntax and basic configurations
  • Examining additional resources for Cisco hardware and software

Published by Syngress in July 2003, this 20-page sample chapter still serves as an excellent introduction to Cisco networking technology basics.

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