Dreamweaver CS3 allows you to accelerate your Web design process by providing 32 sample CSS layouts. You can even add your own to the list.

To start using the layouts, click File and then New. Select Blank Page, HTML as page type and one of the layouts. For example, 2 column elastic, left side bar. On the right-hand side a preview of the layout along with a description will be displayed. The CSS code can be added to the head of the document, a new file created, or an existing style sheet attached. Click Create to generate a sample page.

You should now see the layout chosen along with sample text, as in the image below.

The sections above are just div tags manipulated with CSS. You can control the look of the page by making changes to the body tag, by editing the code directly in code view, or double clicking the CSS Styles Panel and making changes to the properties in the CSS Rule definition window, as shown below.