The ‘Moorestown’ system was announced by Intel in April. Details have been sparse until this leak from Reg Hardware.

What is especially interesting about the Moorestown is that Intel has pledged that it will deliver sufficient performance to run Windows Vista yet consume only a twentieth of the power a Celeron M CPU does today.

According to Reg Hardware:

Moorestown will comprise two chips: the SoC, codenamed ‘Lincroft’, and an I/O part called ‘Langwell.’ According to a report on Japanese-language site PCWatch, Lincroft has an integrated memory controller that connects to a bank of DDR 3 memory.

Lincroft will also have an on-board GPU. Langwell, on the other hand, will incorporate controllers for all manners of I/O, such as USB, PCI Express, and ATA peripherals.

Intel has emphasized that Moorestown will be released in either 2009 or 2010.