Is finding that elusive balance between work and the rest of your life—with family, friends, and personal interests—at the top of your to-do list this year? If so, you might want to know that it is tops for a lot of other people too, including your employees. The best way to get this balance for yourself is to make it a part of your corporate culture; then your employees will be able to benefit too. TechRepublic has compiled several articles and resources to help you develop a more flexible and effective corporate culture.

We’ve got the answers
In our ”Family-friendly workplace resource” download, we provide Web links to information on mentoring initiatives, the Family Friendly Workplace Act, and, among others, a site supporting the idea of high-quality child care in the workplace.

In TechRepublic’s “Two corporate cultures that work ,” we examine the business philosophies of two very different companies. Both StorageTek, a large, multi-site network computing storage provider, and Giant Step, a 120-employee, two-location interactive agency, have open, inviting corporate cultures that are based on specific sets of business values that incorporate honesty, adaptability, and hard work.

To provide a younger perspective, we have also examined what the bright twentysomethings want from their work place in “Twentysomethings demand more perks from work .” To quote one astute reader who commented on this article in the “Post a Comment” section at the end, “I think the real focus is that many companies are finally realizing that, to attract “top talent,” they need to be as flexible as their employees.”

No matter how much you feel like your corporate equilibrium is off, there is a way to find the right balance to ensure your enterprise is efficient and effective. So check out these tools now to help you complete your balancing act.
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