Language/library updates

PHP 5.3.10

PHP 5.3.10 is out, with a security fix for a remote code execution vulnerability.

IronPython 2.7.2 Alpha 2

The second preview of IronPython 2.7.2 is now available.

Tools and products

Applicasa’s free mobile backend

Applicasa released a free server-side solution for mobile applications. It promises to allow developers to make an app backend in 10 minutes.

Xeround FREE

If you’re looking for a cloud-based database, Xeround is now offering a free version of its cloud-hosted MySQL product.

Pervasive PSQL Vx Server 11

Pervasive released PSQL Vx Server 11, a version of the Postgres database designed for virtualized environments.

AppFog adds and

AppFog’s platform-as-a-service (PaaS) product now supports the performance testing and message queuing services.

Reflector 7.5

Reflector 7.5 is now available. Here is the change log.

What’s in WebMatrix 2

Vishal Joshi has a rundown of what is new in WebMatrix 2.

appMobi’s HTML5 payment and analytics package

appMobi announced a package of tools to allow HTML5 developers to monetize their applications, check usage, perform authentication, and other common Web application tasks. It is all cross-platform compatible.

qTrace comes out of beta

I recently wrote about the qTrace application; the vendor (QASymphony) has now officially launched and qTrace is out of beta. I wish them the best of luck; I think qTrace is an outstanding application.

Editorial and commentary

Details on Windows in ARM appear

Steven Sinofsky wrote a blog post on the Building Windows 8 site that goes into some interesting details on the ARM support for Windows 8.

Free eBook: .NET Memory Management Fundamentals

If you’re curious about what goes on under the hood of the .NET system in terms of memory, Red Gate has a new book discussing this in-depth. Red Gate is releasing portions of it for free. My friend Nick Harrison is a co-author, and I am sure that the book will be worth your time.

Tips and tricks

Functional programming overview

Are you not quite sure what functional programming is and how to leverage it? Dorian Corompt has a series of articles digging into functional programming. (Related TechRepublic post by Tony Patton: Modularization through functional programming.)

“Today” icons for WP7

Jeff Blankenburg has made a collection of icons with all 366 days of the year so you can have “Today” icons in your WP7 applications.

Make a mobile site or an app?

Jakob Nielsen explains why you should be putting your focus into mobile apps not sites if possible, and when the tide will shift to sites over apps.

Security UI anti-patterns

Pete Brown takes a look at common mistakes developers make when handling the UIs for application security.

Local data access on WP7

Alessandro Del Sole has a good article about how to access data locally on WP7.


Feb. 29-March 2: ConFoo in Montreal – The developer event ConFoo 2012 will be held in Montreal.
March 15-17, 2012: Code PaLOUsaThis event, which will be in Louisville, KY (home of TechRepublic!), is all about software creation and is technology independent. I would love to be at this event (Louisville is a great city!), but my schedule does not permit it.
March 26-29, 2012: Agile ALM Connect – If you’re interested in Agile methodologies and techniques, the Agile ALM Connect event will be put on by the Eclipse Foundation March 26 – 29, 2012 in Reston, VA. The conference has announced its program and speakers.
May 3-4, 2012: webDU 2012 in Sydney – TechRepublic Australia Editor Chris Duckett writes: “The conference has also issued a call for papers, with potential speakers required to submit a relevant topic for a 50-minute session. The WebDU site says that just about anything to do with web and rich internet-application development and related topics will be considered. Submissions are due by January 8, 2012.” Go to the webDU site for more details about the event.
May 18-19, 2012: Italian phpDay – There will be a phpDay conference in Verona, Italy May 18 and 19, 2012.
June 7-9, 2012: PHP conference in Amsterdam – The Dutch PHP event will be held in English.


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