Developers and other tech professionals can now register their domain name with Google Registry’s .dev, a new top-level domain (TLD) dedicated to developers and technology, Google announced in a Tuesday blog post.

The move offers developers a new domain name tool, as the number of .com websites available diminishes. Google first announced its rights to the .dev TLD back in 2015, causing some controversy in the developer community. In November 2018, Google announced that it was enforcing HTTPS for all sites under its own TLDs, including .google, .how, and the upcoming .dev. HTTPS protects visitors to a .dev site from ad malware and tracking injection by ISPs, and from spying when using open Wi-Fi networks, the post noted.

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Several companies are already using .dev, according to the blog post, including for building websites, for learning about Slack’s tools, libraries, and SDKs, and for learning new programming languages and skills.

How to register for a .dev domain

Developers can now register for .dev domains through February 28, as part of Google’s Early Access Program, allowing them to secure the desired domain for an additional fee. The fee decreases according to a daily schedule.

Starting on February 28, .dev domains will be available at a base annual price through any registrar, including Google Domains,, and, according to the post. Google is using .dev for some of its own projects, including and, the post noted.

Purchasing a .dev site from Google now will cost you $11,500, plus $12/year, according to Android Police. After February 28, that fee will go away, but it is not clear what the final price for .dev domains will be, the site noted.

It remains to be seen if the .dev platform will pick up in popularity, as many developers now use the .io domain for personal projects and sites.

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