Scientists will reveal this week, at the American Geophysical Union meeting in Acapulco, a layer of microscopic diamonds at 26 different sites across Europe, Canada and the US. The diamonds are said to be 12,900 year-old remains of a huge carbon-rich comet that smashed Neolithic society, drove the first Americans to extinction along with the woolly mammoth, and plunged Earth into another thousand-year ice age, AKA the Younger-Dryas period.

“The result would have been hell on Earth. Most of the Northern Hemisphere would have been left on fire,” said Arizona geophysicist Allen West. “Great grazing animals like the mammoth that had survived the original blast would later have died in their thousands from starvation.”

Yes, global warming’s been found. Found on Mars and Neptune, specifically, mega-miles from our tailpipes. Some scientists do propose solar variability’s involved, the only theory explaining warming on planets other than ours.

We know Earth’s been far warmer; Greenland was green, and Iceland was Vinland because grapes grew there, without drowning low-lying Holland. How good is the science behind global warming, if it doesn’t explain the above? Join the discussion.