The most recent Dice Salary Survey reaffirms something their previous analyses have said since 2009: With tech workers, the compensation gender gap has disappeared. Average salaries are equal for male and female tech pros, provided we’re comparing equal levels of experience and education and parallel job titles.

“When it comes to technology employment, it’s a skills driven marketplace,” said Tom Silver, SVP, Dice. “The ability to apply that know-how to a given problem remains the core of employment – why tech professionals get hired and how they are compensated.”

While men out-earned women overall in the 2013-2012 survey – by an average annual income of $95,929 to $87,527 – that difference is driven by the fact that the two groups tend to hold different positions.

Here’s the breakdown on top five positions held by both genders:

What is your take on tech salaries based on gender?