As part of their October report, Dice says it’s found that one of the most frequent refrains they hear from clients is distress in trying to find .NET talent and they’ve posted more than 10,000 positions requesting .NET experience. Alice Hill for Dice says, “That job count is up more than 25 percent as compared to last year, faster growth than total jobs posted on Dice. If demand continues to outstrip supply, wages will adjust.”

Why the .NET talent shortage? Part of the gap between supply and demand is that technology workers are concerned that if they specialize in .NET application development they won’t be able to easily branch out to other platforms. The other worry is money– Tech pros who regularly develop for .NET earn about $83,000 a year, as compared to more than $91,000 for those specializing in Java. Also, .NET is a relatively straight forward framework to learn. Hiring managers and recruiters consistently chase mid-career talent.