Choosing a vendor for that next software implementation or middleware purchase is a taxing process. Once vendors know you’re in the market for a new product, the sales pitches start to fly. Many vendors will promise you the world on a string if you’d only give them a half hour of your time.

When narrowing your search for solutions, it’s important to sift through the marketing mumbo jumbo and know exactly what each vendor can offer you—from your perspective, not theirs.

To help you break down the differences between vendors, gantthead and TechRepublic have created a handy comparison spreadsheet.

The downloadable template is divided into two parts. The first section outlines a vendor’s corporate information. The second section describes a vendor’s package offerings. This separation provides convenient cross-reference options between the two profiles.

The template breaks down information about each vendor and their offerings into categories. Some of these categories include:

  • Company statistics
  • Available packages
  • Implementation services
  • Product history
  • Product functionality
  • The vendor’s future direction
  • Industry references

If you’re looking at new purchases now or will be doing so in the future, check out the template. It can help you make the right purchasing decision for your organization. Download the template today.

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