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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, organizations and institutions around the globe have been forced to transition from traditional in-person operations to a host of virtual platforms. Schools and universities, in particular, have been tasked with transforming on-site education into immersive distance learning experiences on short notice. In the spring, educational organizations around the country curated nontraditional instruction courses in a matter of weeks.

Needless to say, this initial attempt at remote learning concluded with mixed results for students and educators alike. School districts around the country are planning to continue e-learning in some capacity in the coming weeks as the coronavirus continues to spread around the globe. To assist, digital classroom application, Kami, has announced a host of integrations to enhance collaboration as students return to the virtual classroom this fall.

On Tuesday, Kami announced that it will now integrate with Microsoft 365, OneDrive, and Google Classroom on iPad. Additionally, Kami stated it had bolstered integration with learning management platform Schoology. Overall, this increased compatibility will give educators and students greater capabilities in the virtual learning environment.

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“The pandemic has launched digital-learning technologies into the center of thousands of students’ and teachers’ lives,” said Hengjie Wang, CEO and co-founder of Kami in a press release. “We are committed to closing the education gap by increasing access to integral lessons and knowledge for any student, on any device, anywhere at any time. In the face of these unprecedented circumstances, we have been listening diligently to educators and have worked to mitigate the impacts of school shutdowns on students, regardless of learning abilities and environments.”

As part of the announcement, Kami stated that it will offer educators a beta version to test the integration with Microsoft and provide feedback over the next few weeks. In July, Kami unveiled additional product features at Kami Connect 2020 virtual event. These features include enhancements to Kami’s video commenting, screen-recording capabilities, and more.

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“Transitioning to remote learning during the pandemic created stress and uncertainty, especially as teachers didn’t know what learning with digital tools would look like,” said Megan Barnash, instructional technology coach at Scottsdale Unified School District, in a press release. “As we’re headed into Fall 2020, tools like Kami will improve how we continue to approach the shift to remote classrooms with students.”

Kami is currently used in one-third of US schools with close to 11 million users around the globe, according to the company. Kami has seen a surge in usage in recent months; reporting a tenfold increase in signups per month, including a 20% increase in its subscribed customer base in July, according to Kami.