Fancy a moonlit dinner, perhaps with a show of tomorrow’s lunar eclipse, 200 or so miles above the earth? If you’re aboard the International Space Station, you can have this and more on your meal break. Shrimp cocktail, jambalaya and chocolate cake are among the various entrees today’s astronauts can enjoy–with a bit of reconstitution first, of course. It’s not going to win NASA a Michelin star, but it seems a bit more appealing than the Tang that seemed so exciting in the commercials.

Since a trip to Cape Kennedy, I never gave a thought to freeze-dried or otherwise dehydrated cuisine. (Okay, mostly never.) Until today, when news of a potentially dangerous spill crossed my consciousness.


Yes, you can get sushi onboard the ISS, or at least a celestial facsimile thereof. (The fish must wonder where it is.) And not only that–besides the standard-issue meals, scientists can bring special treats (presumably, this is where the wasabi comes in): chorizo sausages, curries and lattes. (Those Starbucks are everywhere, I swear.) No word on the pickled ginger.

And yet for the misadventure of the flying wasabi, I’m sure that for most everyone floating above us on the ISS looks forward to coming home and sitting down to a meal that doesn’t require Velcro. Still, in a way, it’s comforting to know that we’ve come a long way since Tang.