The use cases for Windows Server 2008 Core Edition include additional security for certain installation sites and networks, and certain products (e.g., the free Hyper-V role) are only available on core editions. In Windows Server 2008 systems, including the core installations, the Windows Firewall is enabled by default. For many administrators, the first step of a new Windows installation is to disable the Windows Firewall. You can do this with the following Netsh command:

[netsh advfirewall set allprofiles state off]

Now the Windows Firewall is disabled for all network profiles. You can tweak the parameters to within what is run from Netsh. To determine what commands are available for Netsh, simply go into Netsh and enter a question mark (?) in one of the interactive contexts. Figure A shows the advfirewall context.
Figure A

Visit TechNet for more information about Netsh in the advfirewall context.

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