Display a select folder dialog box in VB6

VB6's Microsoft Shell and Automation Component allows you to select a folder. Follow Peter Aitken's instructions in this tip to learn how to show a particular folder's dialog box.

VB6's Common Dialog control makes it easy to let the user select a file, but what about selecting a folder? This is also easy to do with the Microsoft Shell and Automation component.

First, add a reference to this component, which is located in Shell32.dll, to your project. You'll also need declarations in your code. View Listing A to see the declarations.

Then create an instance of the Shell class:

Set shlShell = New Shell32.Shell

Finally, display the dialog box and return the result:

Set shlFolder = shlShell.BrowseForFolder(Me.hWnd, "Select a Folder", _

Now the selected folder is available in the property shlFolder.Title.

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