By default, Outlook displays just 1 month in the Date Navigator. By stealing a bit of space from other areas, you can display more. If you want to keep the Date Navigator in the Navigation Pane, just drag the right and bottom borders to allow more room. Make My Calendars and Mail (also in the Navigation Pane) as small as possible to free up the most room.

If the Date Navigator is in the To-Do Bar (new to Outlook 2007), do the following:

  1. Right-click the bar and select Options.
  2. Change the Number of Months Row from 1 (the default) to 3 or 4 (up to 9).
  3. Click OK and Outlook will display four rows of calendars in the Date Navigator.

To see even more calendars in the Date Navigator, drag the border between the To-Do Bar (now mostly Date Navigator) and the calendar view to the left. Doing so will fill the Date Navigator with more monthly calendars, automatically. Changing the row option isn’t always enough—you might have to change your screen resolution to see them all.