The Motorola Droid Pro is a great device for Android users who want a physical keyboard. TechRepublic member Bruce Epstein inquired about how to print directly from this powerhouse mobile device. (Droid Pro image credit CBS Interactive.)

If you have a Bluetooth-enabled printer, you’re almost in luck. You can’t print directly from the non Gmail email client; the only workaround I’ve found requires an Android running Ice Cream Sandwich, where you can take a screenshot of the email and then print the picture from the gallery to a Bluetooth printer.

There is a great application that will allow you to print from Gmail called PrinterShare – Mobile Print. This free application will allow you to print pictures, contacts, calendar, web pages, messages, call logs, Gmail, Google Docs, and documents to Wi-Fi printers. I’ve had great luck with this app. And if you need to print an email from an account other than Gmail, you just need to forward it to your Google mail account and print it from there. Problem solved.

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