Does your status automatically improve when you purchase or otherwise acquire gadgets? A poll was conducted in Britain, and most of the people who responded believe this to be true. See the news story: “Britain’s tech-savvy GOSSIPS new office yuppies.”

According to the article, “The poll, conducted for recruitment firm Office Angels, found 67 percent of 1,500 respondents considered so-called ‘micro-gadgets’ such as BlackBerry handhelds, laptop memory sticks, and small mobile phones to be the ultimate status symbols.”

Can we accurately call these respondents yuppies or uber geeks? “Office Angels branded the people in the survey as GOSSIPS (Gadget Obsessed Status Symbol Infatuated Professionals), a contemporary version of yuppies–the acquisitive young urban professionals of the 1980s.”

So, what does it take to become affiliated with GOSSIPS? How do you qualify? “Almost half (45 percent) of those questioned thought any ambitious worker should own at least two mobile phones, one for work and the other for social chitchat. The survey also found food such as sushi, organic salads and sashimi–thinly sliced raw seafood–were more highly rated by office workers than traditional sandwiches or burgers with chips. Nearly a third of office workers also admitted to spending more than 10 pounds (about $18) a week on coffee, even if they could get the beverage for free at work.”

Is this a U.K. thing, or have you also noticed that mentality in the U.S.? Are the same people who go to Starbucks the ones who eat healthier and spend more money on gadgets?