The bloom is off the Star Wars rose–at least among IT pros–as no less than four other sci-fi/fantasy franchises beat out the house that George Lucas built for fan favoritism in a recent Geekend poll.

Despite some rather lackluster outings of late (*cough*Voyager*cough*), Star Trek remains the king-daddy of all Geekend fandom, but conventional wisdom (and box office receipts) always held that Star Wars has the greatest mainstream appeal. Apparently, IT pros are unsual, even within the halls of geekery, as Lord of the Rings, Stargate, and Babylon 5 all tied for a distant second place, leaving Star Wars a laughable fifth. LOTR‘s high ranking is understandable, as it’s the standard-bearer for fantasy franchises, but I was truly shocked to learn that scrappy newcomers like B5 and Stargate could displace the Jedi juggernaut. I guess the use of–whatchacallit–actual science in the latter two sci-fi franchises gives them a certain appeal amongst the technical set.

Also worth noting: Out of 554 votes, absolutely nobody said they didn’t like science fiction or fantasy. “None of the above” got ZERO votes. Despite all the passionate debate about fandom supremacy, at least we can all agree on that.