Texting while drivingA little over a year ago, I posted a blog about the intoxicating effect of sending text messages while driving. I asked TechRepublic members if they thought there should be a law that forbid drivers from using cell phones, and there were quite a few nods from respondents in various U.S. locations and even overseas. More recently, the results of a Harris Interactive survey, which polled 2,049 U.S. adults from June 29 to July 3, show that the majority of Americans [that is, Americans who drive and also using text messaging – clarification for Palmetto] text while driving, but they think that it’s dangerous and should be outlawed. Check out the story on News.com: “Nine in 10 Americans say ban texting while driving.”

Here are some of the survey stats:

  • 91% believe sending text messages while driving is as dangerous as driving after having a couple of drinks
  • 89% believe texting while driving should be outlawed
  • 66% admit that they read text messages or e-mails while driving
  • 57% admit that they send text messages while driving
  • 64% of those who admitted to sending text messages while driving were aged 18 to 34
  • 6% of those who admitted to sending text messages while driving were 55 or older

Even TechRepublic blogger John Bartley chimed in on this issue with his post, “OMG IF U CN RD THS U R BSTD.” Does your state of residence (or country of residence, for that matter) ban the use of cell phones while driving? Regardless of laws and the potential danger, do you send and/or read text messages and/or e-mail while driving?