Here’s a video showing Intel CEO Paul Otellini demoing a new mobile Internet-based device. After notebooks, netbooks, MIDs, and cell phones, do we really need one more mobile device? What do you think and how will it affect IT?


Larry Dignan showed this video from the Web 2.0 summit last week on ZDNet. In it, Intel CEO Paul Otellini demos a new handheld mobile Internet device. It appears to be an oversized iPod Touch, blending a Web cam with Internet connectivity to do translations and Web searches among other things.

There was no formal product announcement, so it’s probably more conceptual than anything else. The form factor seems to be reasonable, and the ability to translate text on the fly certainly is interesting.

I just wonder what effect it will have on IT if and when it comes out. That just means that we have one more mobile device to either officially support or learn to deal with as users sneak them onto the network and expect to be supported.

Does this device bring anything new to the table that users can’t already do with notebooks, netbooks, smartphones, or any of the plethora of other mobile devices we have to deal with? Do you think it’s a good idea or bad idea, and what kind of effect do you think another mobile device would have for IT?