Eric Lundquist, CIO Insight Editor, shared an interesting bit of information that might surprise some of you (I know it surprised me) in the December 1, 2008 issue of eWeek. In his article, “The Skills That Really Matter,” Lundquist shared the top 15 skills IT managers are looking for in entry-level employees, as compiled by Society for Information Management (SIM).

It seems that ethics and morals are more important than technical skills:

  1. Ethics and morals
  2. Critical thinking and problem solving
  3. Collaboration
  4. Problem solving
  5. Communication: Oral
  6. Communication: Written
  7. User relationship management
  8. Creativity/Innovation
  9. Managing expectations
  10. Programming/Application development
  11. Decision making
  12. Functional area knowledge
  13. Project leadership
  14. Database
  15. System analysis

Honestly, I’ve always felt at a disadvantage because I’m not a techno geek; I don’t dream in binary, and I must thoroughly research topics before making recommendations. However, the results of this survey have boasted my morale; I fit right in, and I didn’t even know it!

I’m not suggesting that anyone stop learning, but the list is good news. Our characters and our ability to think logically and soundly and communicate clearly are more important than the sum of our technical credentials.

Where do you fit in? Share your thoughts in this discussion.

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