What is EI and can it really be developed to advance your career?


Following on Jeff Dray’s latest post about the importance of soft skills on the help desk, I ran across this Web seminar in the TechRepublic directory, “Using Emotional Intelligence in the Technical Professions.” While many of you take for granted a certain social ease, or at least a minimal understanding of how to interact with customers and coworkers, you probably know at least one person on your staff or in your office who you suspect may have been raised by wolves. You know — the coworker who always manages to say the most tactless thing at exactly the wrong time or the help desk analyst who glowers at users, turning them into stuttering idiots when they have to admit a technical problem or mistake. And of course, you yourself might have to admit that your towering intelligence doesn’t necessarily make up for sub-par social skills.

This Global Knowledge resource is a seminar about using your “emotional intelligence” at work — not only to help you work better with others but to solve problems easier and even further your own career. “Hooey!” you say? Check it out for yourself, and see if it warrants recommending to your resident “Sheldon” (yep, that’s a shameless plug for the CBS sitcom Big Bang Theory).

And while it isn’t included in the Webinar, I did find this free online test to find out your EQ (Emotional Quotient).

Now that I’ve started on shameless CBS plugging, here’s a poll, just for fun.

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