The EULA (End User License Agreement) is one of those necessary evils when it comes to installing new software. You either accept the terms, along with all of the potentially odious bits that go along with it, or you don’t, which means you don’t get to install the software at all.

The implications of a violated EULA have come to light again recently since Psytar shipped a clone of the Mac complete with a copy of OS X.  Running OS X on non-Apple equipment expressly violates Apple’s EULA for OS X. posted an article that goes into detail about the violation.  Another Apple EULA was also recently in the news because the one for Safari For Windows expressly forbade you from running it on Windows.

The Psystar article points out that even though you don’t even get to view a EULA until you open software and start the installation, the EULA is still enforceable.  This is true even though opening the software may prevent you from returning it if you choose not to accept the EULA to begin with. Although it doesn’t seem to make much sense, that’s the current law as it stands.

What does your organization do regarding EULAs?  I suspect most people don’t pay attention to them at all.  I don’t think I ever read completely through one, so for all I know Microsoft owns my first child.  Take the poll below and sound off in comments: