DomainKeys Identified MailWatch out, spammers… DomainKeys Identified Mail has received preliminary approval from the Internet Engineering Task Force, and it is powerful enough to mess up your plans to destroy the world — or at least detect and block your pesky unsolicited junk e-mail. Read the details in this CNET Networks’ story: “Promising antispam technique gets nod.”

Here’s the lowdown:

What’s new:

A key Internet standards body gives preliminary approval to a powerful technology designed to detect and block fake e-mail messages.

Bottom line:

The technology is more promising than most other antispam and antiphishing technologies because it harnesses the power of cryptographically secure digital signatures to thwart online miscreants.

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Sure, DomainKeys Identified Mail is Yahoo’s original DomainKeys concept on steroids, but does it have what it takes to truly put an end — once and for all — to spam and phishing attacks? Join the discussion.


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