Google-DoubleClick dealWhat do you get when you combine the number one search engine with the number one digital ad-serving company? An article from CNET Networks’ explains that some consumer privacy advocates are a little worried about the powerful combination — specifically, Google’s proposed acquisition of DoubleClick. Read the article in its entirety: “Privacy concerns dog Google-DoubleClick deal.”

Here are the nitty-gritty details:

What’s new:
Consumer privacy advocates are worried about how Google will combine its data with DoubleClick data to map what someone searches for, as well as other online activities.

Bottom line:
Despite assurances from Google, privacy advocates worry that Google’s vision for protecting users’ personal information on the Web hasn’t yet caught up with the breakneck pace of the company’s expansion.

Check out what a few other news sources have to say about the Googe-DoubleClick union:

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