Each morning, when I browse the Net for recent IT news stories, there’s usually at least one title that intrigues me. Here’s the one that captured my attention today: “California gang members to be tracked by GPS.”

According to the article, San Bernardino is the first city in California to use the GPS satellite navigation system to track gang members. “Under an arrangement between prison officials and San Bernardino, high-risk parolees known to belong to street gangs will be released from custody on the condition that they wear a GPS bracelet on their ankles at all times.”

Do you feel safer now? Personally, I’m not convinced that a criminal won’t be able to find a way to manipulate the technology. After all, this isn’t the first time GPS has been used to monitor criminals. Take a look – “Six California counties began using GPS to monitor sex offenders in 2005, and some have already been arrested for violating parole after they were tracked to off-limits areas.” That certainly isn’t reassuring….