Something very interesting happened at Microsoft on June 16, 2011 – the company released the Kinect for Windows SDK. Using this software development kit, programmers can create applications and interfaces that take advantage of the Kinect’s motion tracking systems.

There seems to be a perfect storm brewing when it comes to innovative ways to interact with our ever-increasing digital world. Whether it is the Microsoft Touch Mouse Greg Shultz blogged about, or the Metro Interface coming with Windows 8, or the already well-established touch and gesture interface of the Apple iPad, there is a definite trend toward interface alternatives other than the traditional keyboard and mouse.

But where are these interface changes leading us? Is this the beginning of the end for the mouse? Is it the end of the keyboard? I remain intrigued but unconvinced that most of these innovations are more than mere fads and passing fancy, but I am willing to bide my time until these concepts are proven one way or another. How about you?

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