Finally, someone has conducted a study that helps explain why I’m so risque. Wait a minute, I meant risky. Did you know that driving video games are linked with risky driving and getting in car accidents? At least that’s what a group of German researchers concluded. Check out the news story: “Racing video games cause reckless driving: study.” 

According to the researchers, “Driving actions in these games often include competitive and reckless driving, speeding, and crashing into other cars or pedestrians, or performing risky stunts with the vehicle. In short, most actions in racing games imply a very high risk of having an accident or severe crash in a highly realistic virtual road traffic environment.”

I have to agree that my mind gets a little bent after playing racing games. Sure, I think about zooming in and out of traffic, taking out the little old lady who is walking her Shih Tzu (5 points for granny and 15 and the pooch), and having a total disregard for the rules of the road – but I don’t act on those thoughts. Maybe someone who isn’t as mature as I am would have a more difficult time keeping their impulse control in check, but I think a warning sticker on the game itself would suffice. Thoughts?