I’d like to offer a big “Thank you!” to everyone who watches our weekly Dojo episodes and has made us the top TechRepublic blog in terms of Worthwhile (or thumbs up) marks.

During last week’s TR Out Loud on Video (TROLOV) episode, I spoke with host Sonja Thompson about a question submitted by TechRepublic member The Scummy One. Scummy wanted to know “Which TR writer or blogger do you think typically gets the most Worthwhile marks per post?” The TechRepublic community gave a variety of answers:

  • Nick Nielsen: “Gotta be Sonja! (kiss kiss smack smack and other sounds of sucking up)”
  • Jacky Howe: “I think that Michael Kassner may have the most Thumbs for Blogs.”
  • Hal 9000: “I would imagine that it is between either Michael Kassner of Jay Garmin (aka The Trivia Geek). But then again I lead a Sheltered Life and don’t often get to see many other Blogs.”
  • BFilmFan: “Jay Garmon gets the most votes ’cause Geekend is the real reason everyone comes on here. That is my story and I am sticking to it!”
  • The Scummy One: “I would guess that Bill Detwiler pulls the most…”

But, it was Scummy who came up with the correct answer, and it’s the Dojo fans that put us on top. Thanks!

Here’s a list of the top Dojo videos by Worthwhile marks: