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Don't delay: Download these scripts to automate client virus-signature updates

Having trouble keeping antivirus signatures updated on your network? Trent Cook has written batch files you can use with the industry's leading antivirus programs.

When was the last time you changed your furnace filter? Was it more than 30 days ago? Probably.

Why’s that important? Because just like furnace filters, motor oil changes, and other common chores, client virus-signature updates often get skipped as a result of more “pressing” priorities.

If you had an experience similar to mine two weeks ago when the ILOVEYOU virus hit, you know updating virus signatures should be made an unshakable priority. But who has time to monitor all the machines on their network?

Now you don’t have to worry about it. TechRepublic contributing writer Trent Cook has written batch files you can use to update client virus signatures every time machines log onto your network.

You may remember Trent’s column a few weeks back, in which he reviewed InoculateIT. His article included a link to a batch file TechRepublic members could download to automatically update InoculateIT virus signatures on a Windows NT network.

Trent, a systems administrator himself who’s earned MCSE, MCP+I, CNA, and A+ certifications, has written additional scripts for IT professionals using other popular antivirus software programs. You can download his batch files here for use with the AntiViral Toolkit Pro, Norton AntiVirus, and McAfee VirusScan applications. You’ll also find the script for InoculateIT. Once unzipped, review his install.txt file for instructions on using the scripts. They may save you hours in the long run and help keep your virus signatures current.

Trent Cook is a system administrator and TechRepublic contributing writer. He’s earned MCP+I, MCSE, CNA, and A+ accreditations. When not in the office (and depending on the season), he is either riding his Virago 1100 or hitting the slopes.

Erik Eckel MCP+I, MCSE is editor in chief of TechRepublic’s IT communities. When not in the office (and depending on the season), he is either riding his Reynolds 853 road bike (Erik’s wife won’t let him purchase the Yamaha YZF-R1 he’d like to park in the garage) or hitting some of Kentucky’s finest single-track with other TechRepublic editors.

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