I’m back at it this morning, having suffered from a virus for the past few days – me, not my computer. I certainly didn’t catch it from an underground group in Russia… instead, it was a form of a “love you” bug, compliments of my son (public schools DO have a cost after all).

The News.com story that perked me up a bit was about hackers modifying some developer tools at Lego.com: “Hacking’s a snap in Legoland” (http://www.techrepublic.com/2100-1009_11-5865751.html)

When Lego executives found out that their software was being hacked, they were actually pleased. According to Ronny Scherer, a senior producer in Lego’s interactive experiences group, “We really encourage and embrace” some modifications of our software. “We have a huge adult community, so if we can make our software in a way that will allow our fans to adapt it to their needs,” we’ll support that.

Hmmmm… the kid in me understands completely, but the “mature adult” in me (I can already hear my TechRepublic coworkers scoffing) wonders if there isn’t a more constructive use of one’s time than playing with Legos. ??? Maybe I’m just jealous that I don’t have time for such shenanigans…