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The events of 9/11 have heightened awareness of the new security threats to today's enterprises. To help IT executives better understand and confront these threats, TechRepublic offers a glossary of cybersecurity terms to help keep you up to date.

Enterprise security is a bigger issue than ever this year, and keeping track of the growing viruses, worms, and other malicious events geared at thwarting today’s networks and compromising data confidentiality is no longer just one professional’s job. It’s everyone’s responsibility, and today’s CIOs need as much information as possible.

Keep up with today's security terms
To improve tech leaders’ security knowledge, United Messaging Inc., a leading enterprise messaging outsourcing provider, has created a cyberterrorism glossary of security-related acronyms and definitions. It includes standard terms that most IT professionals will be familiar with, but it also lists many more that haven’t yet made it into mainstream conversation.

For example, while ankle biter may conjure up visions of a small insect or rodent, it’s actually today’s term for aspiring hackers and crackers to be. Or would you know if a BLOB is running through your enterprise? No, it’s not a movie or a child’s gooey toy, but a binary large object used to hide malicious logic code.

Do you know what's roaming the enterprise?
Do you know if there are any daemons or smurfs running around the back server room? While daemons can be good to have around (they perform specific operations such as print spoolers and e-mail handling for the OS), smurfs clearly aren’t those cute, blue beings from the children's cartoon. In an enterprise, smurfs signal a network security break.

United Messaging’s glossary, available for download to TechRepublic members, clearly explains all these terms and many more, including spoofs, trolls, and OODA Loops. Download the glossary to discover why spoofing isn’t a laughing matter and why trolls can be annoying, unwanted enterprise guests.

Security education is key
West Chester, PA-based United Messaging hopes the glossary that it’s sharing with TechRepublic members will help tech executives better understand and confront the increasing cyberattack threat.

"Potential cyberterrorism is a growing topic of concern for corporate America. And yet it remains very much a mystery to many executives and decision makers," said Ben Trowbridge, CEO. "It is imperative that we close this education gap, and we believe this glossary is a first step in creating new levels of understanding.“

The provider hopes that increasing security education across the enterprise will prevent Information Warfare (a.k.a. Cyberwar) and avoid Cyberian Winters for today’s enterprises—a theoretical aftermath of an all-out cyberwar.

United Messaging plans to update its glossary on a regular basis, so check out the site every few months to update your glossary.

Download the glossary in an easy-to-modify Word document format or browse it in PDF form. Use it as a springboard to get a grip on today’s security terms.

Know a security term that's not listed?
After reading through the glossary, e-mail TechRepublic with any security-related term (complete with definition) you think should be added, and we’ll put it on the list. If we use it, we’ll send you a TechRepublic coffee mug.


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