From the back-end database to the Flash graphics on the GUI, consultants are often tasked with all aspects of a Web development project. And as consultants are well aware, clients—regardless of their technical expertise—can be fickle. To make sure that you and your clients begin on the right note, we recently published a Web-design client questionnaire form. So far, more than 13,000 TechRepublic members have downloaded the form.

We also asked members to send us their suggestions on how to improve the form. Tony Borty did us one better. Borty, who runs The Netpoint Project, a Web hosting and design firm in East Sussex, U.K., sent us a similar form that he uses for his business. He liked the one that we produced so much that he’ll soon be adding elements from our questionnaire to his form.

We wanted to give you a chance to check out Borty’s questionnaire. As he did, perhaps you can apply sections of his form to a questionnaire for your business.

You now have a choice: You can download our Web development questionnaire or download the form we received from one of our members. Use them both to help you and your clients agree on every aspect of your Web development project.

Share your questionnaires

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