As an IT manager, you likely need to share access to your Microsoft Project plan files with other people. Maybe I am a control freak but just writing that sentence makes me tense! All those other people touching my project: It is just unnatural!

Wouldn’t it be nice to know who has opened your project and made changes to it? The standard Microsoft Project features don’t support this tracking task. But you can quickly create a log by using a short macro and by making use of the Open, Save, Print, and Close events within Project.

Download a template titled, “Create a usage log for Microsoft Project.” The template will create a new project file that contains the macros required to create a text file on your hard drive or network. This text file acts as a log file for that project and can be used to track the changes made by any person who has opened, saved, printed, or closed your project. It will also track the date and time for each of these events.

When someone opens the project, the log file will let you know if they had write- or read-only privileges. When a project is printed, the log will let you know what view was active when the printing occurred. The usage log will record the name from the User Name setting within Project—which is taken from the default settings for the user in the current installation of Office. This setting can also be accessed in Project using the Tools | Options dialog. The setting is on the General tab of this dialog box.

But you don’t need to know how it works because the macro will do the work and create the user log for you! Download this template and instructions titled, “Create a usage log for Microsoft Project.”
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